America’s New Liberty Gardens!

Victory GardenModular Grid-tie systems for $995?!? Pacific Coast light and power is offering a large market price to rural US Marketplaces. Micro-inverters allow consumers to add solar panels as they go. Instead of purchasing large Ul and CE listed inverters and installing a entire solar array at once, you can purchase Ul and CE listed made in American inverter technology that produces grid capable power at the panel! An experienced DIY homeowner can install the majority of the system and call one of our approved technicians to complete the final hook-up. Once you complete a net metering agreement with your local power company, you can start receiving amazing paybacks. In Washington State, Net-metering allows you to sell power at .54/kwh with Washington made inverters and panels. This means that you have to produce roughly 1/10 of your power output to offset your bill!

Let’s look at a customer in Pacific County who averages $100/month or $1,200/year. The customer purchases, installs a system and completes a net metering agreement with a basic kit and receives $150 in payback the first year. They apply their $150 and spend $845 for two more panels. The second year they receive $449. The third year, still adding on module panels and inverters, they spend $546 and their net-metering refund. This year they receive $748 and spend $247 to add panels. The fourth year they receive $1,048. They pocket $53 dollars and spend the remainder on solar panels, as before. The fifth year, the household can permanently stop paying their power bill as they receive $1,347!

This same customer could increase their output up to the maximum payback of the Washington Net metering act (SSB55101) or can simply enjoy the benefits of free power! This is a great way for almost any budget to join the new power revolution!

fine print *information based on NREL data, renewal of SSB5101 and utility acceptance of Net-metering agreement. All gains are projected and reasonable estimates, PCLAP is not responsible acts of acts of nature, climate change, act of God or government action.