• sea wind farmResale power at up to .54/kwh
  • 30% Federal Rebate
  • 100% instant depreciation schedule
  • USDA Guaranteed Loans
  • Decrease system downtimes
  • Redundant back-up power/UPS
  • Increase public visibility and media attention

Your bottom line should be green and getting greener. No matter your facility the incentives make your return on investment more rapid than in history. Massive tax advantages coupled with unprecedented drops in the cost of solar installation have resulted in payback periods as low as 3 years.

Effective facility management requires a comprehensive back-up and emergency plan. For the first time, your worst case scenario is a great investment. Make a solid investment as you prepare for expensive outages.

As power rates increase rapidly, the incentive to sell power back also grows. More than a UPS or a tax deduction, modern energy production is a very low maintenance rooftop cash machine. Returns in excess of 10% per annum are common and, based on previous years power rate increases, this investment will continue to grow far in-excess of bank rates. Call Pacific Coast Light and Power to schedule a site survey and to determine the viability of solar or wind at your location today!