solar panelsThe Pacific Northwest has some of the lowest power rates in the United States and some of the highest payback for the power you produce! Never before have the costs been lower and the paybacks higher to produce and sell green, safe and efficient power to your local utility.

Did you know that you can sell power back to the power company for nearly ten times the price of the power they sell you ?

Navigating the complex web of incentives, deductions and utility interconnect rules no longer have to strike fear in your heart. We can give you the great satisfaction of watching your meter spin backwards, of finally eliminating the hidden monthly mortgage of a power bill. We offer you the guidance and tools to install your own system and provide you with the forms and information to start receiving your payback. Either installed by one of our approved installers or DIY, it has never been easier to offset your power consumption with clean wind and solar power. With module packages starting at $999, any household can take the first step to energy independence.

Whether you wish for the investment return of selling power through a grid-tie system are interested in off-grid independence or simply just want to participate in America’s home grown energy solutions, scheduling an on-site energy survey with Pacific Coast Light and Power is the start. Call today for an appointment!  360-642-POWR [7692]